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August 24, 2005
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Panzer by DarkWizard83 Panzer by DarkWizard83
This beast is a Tiger II panzer tank, also known as the "King Tiger." These armored monsters first saw action as part of Hitler's last-ditch 1944-45 Winter offensive into the Ardennes region of Belgium. This is an original - not replica - Tiger II knocked out and captured by American troops in January of 1945, which has been restored and now stands on display outside a museum dedicated the Winter War.
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DroidOps Oct 30, 2013  Student Artist

You should have bought millons of fucking german tigers instead of relying on your stupid lightly armored type-2 tanks.
If my country has a powerful panzer army during the WWII.The fucking and non-humanity 
Japan dog will not invade our country and slaught our people anymore!!
Though The third Reich  has vanished。But the Dustchland panzer army is still the best of  the world
military.It's traditional and glory spirit will last forever!!!

As others have mentioned the gun barrel was damaged, to restore it they actually used half a Panther tanks turret which I find really interesting. I've seen photo's of them restoring it somewhere, I'll try find them. 
sHPz.Abt.503 and Funklenk 316 (panzer Lehr division) in NORMANDY used their Tigers II but for some reason you imagine one alternative history but anyway very nice shot
WOW!!! I've never seen real by photo !!!
Scorpion-Strike Feb 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Impractical or not, an impressive achievement nonetheless. To think the western allies had practically nothing but endless M4 Shermans at the time. At least the Russians built some decent tanks to go up against this thing.
First learn about the order of the Tanks Divisions , not only on the German army and avoit all nonsence coment , learn about the armies equipement and all diferences between light , medium and heavy tanks , like Russians Generals says in the end of WW2 , the Quality vs Panzers was only the Quanty xD
You're only part right: Shermans were mass produced like hell (more than any other tank in the War, in fact), but by that time, the US had developed the M-26 Pershing Heavy Tank, which was inferior to the King Tiger, but could fight toe-to-toe with the Tiger I. The problem was that it had to be transported all the way through the Atlantic, so only a handful of them got to Europe in time.

Besides that, there were the Tank Destroyers, which were essentialy "glass cannons" with light armor but huge firepower. Their agility allowed them to outmaneuver the heavier and clumsier German Tanks (a Tiger, for example, needed a full minute to rotate its turret).

Anyways, quality is of little concern when you have overwhelming numbers against your enemy (and complete air superiority). Germany's mistake was attempting to create massively expensive "Uber" tanks, rather than sticking with tried and true designs (like Pz. IV and Pz. V) that were much cheaper and reliable.

Still, technical marvels like the King Tiger have to be respected both as impressive pieces of engineering and as a symbol of the resolve of the German people to fight to the end.
actually there were more t34's produced in WWII and the Pershing was only available in an extremely small quantity's though the total was like 50-100 at that point and please note im an american y is this in finland
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